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Behind the Lens with Felix

Introducing Felix McLaughlan, a highly skilled professional photographer and cinematographer who possesses a deep passion for visual storytelling. With a keen eye for creativity, color, and narrative imagery, Felix has mastered the art of capturing and documenting captivating stories. His journey in photography and cinematography traces back to his childhood, where he developed a love for the stunning landscapes of the Sierra Nevada mountains while hiking with his Scottish father and climbing Mt. Whitney at the age of 7. The allure of breathtaking scenery drew him towards pursuing photography as a profession.

Felix's connection to Maui began with a two-week vacation that unexpectedly transformed into a two-year stay in the early 90s. While he has also lived in Lake Tahoe, Alaska, and settled in Lake Tahoe to raise his three children with his wife, Jen, Felix's heart was always drawn back to the Aloha lifestyle of Maui. Throughout his journey, Felix's versatility has led him to explore different destinations, both on the mainland and through island hopping, yet his love for Maui remains unwavering.

Felix offers a wide range of services to cater to various photography needs. Specializing in architectural photography and film, commercial photography, corporate events, action sports, and weddings, he is well-versed in capturing the essence of diverse occasions. Additionally, Felix excels in immortalizing life's precious moments, including family portraits, pet photography, engagement sessions, senior portraits, and professional portraits. Embracing a natural style, he skillfully integrates the beauty of local scenery into his photography, providing an idyllic backdrop for your cherished memories.

With a commitment to providing exceptional personal service, Felix ensures that each client receives dedicated attention and a tailored approach to their specific needs. Whether it's a romantic beachside moment, an adventurous mountain expedition, or a heartwarming family reunion, Felix looks forward to capturing your timeless milestones with his artistic flair, Aloha for now.

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